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A truck tire malfunction at the wrong time could cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle and cause a deadly accident. Many times, a tire malfunction can be avoided by performing frequent maintenance on a vehicle and its tires. However, the negligent actions of a company regarding their fleet of vehicles could mean that tire defects will not be properly addressed. If you or a family member was the victim of a serious accident involving a commercial truck, you should contact an experienced Alabama truck tire malfunction accident attorney.

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Common Causes of Tire Malfunctions

A truck tire can fail for a number of reasons. As mentioned, many truck tire failures can be avoided if a trucking company acts diligently to rectify the issue. For example, if a truck tire is overinflated, this could later cause the tire to blowout when the truck is in motion. Simply following the recommended tire pressure guidelines would solve this problem. The following is a list of common causes of tire malfunctions.

Internal Rusting

Most trucks are equipped with steel belt radial tires. These types of tires are popular because it is easier for tire manufacturers to meld rubber to a steel frame. However, if the tire tread becomes damaged, this can lead to internal rusting of the steel belt. As the steel belt becomes exposed to the elements and road debris the steel cables will weaken and likely result in tread separation.

A tire that has sustained damage that exposes the tire casing should be repaired as soon as possible. If the steel belt was exposed for too long, it is best to replace the affected tires entirely. A trucking company that continues to use tires with internal rusting can be held liable if the tread separates and the truck driver ends up losing control of the vehicle and causing an accident.

Mechanical Problems

Mechanical issues are another common cause of tire malfunction. For example, if a truck has an issue with its suspension parts, this may cause the tires on the truck to wear down unevenly. This means that the tire may be worn down on one side, but the other side may look relatively new.

Wheel misalignment is another issue that could cause a tire to sustain uneven wear and tear. Tire misalignment occurs when the tires on a truck are rotating on an angle instead of in line with all the other tires. This will cause the tire tread to wear down on one side which can lead to a loss of maneuverability and control.

Road Hazards

The majority of truck tires are designed to safely travel at a speed that does not exceed 75 miles per hour. Evidence of this can be seen across the United States as many states do not have speed limits that exceed 70 mph. One of the reasons for this regulation of speed is what happens to tires if they make contact with road debris when traveling at a high rate of speed.

If a tire makes contact with road debris while the vehicle is moving at speeds of 60 to 70 mph, it is possible that the tire sidewall can be compressed and caused to crack. While truck tires are typically more durable, the debris could also lacerate the rubber and cause a tire blowout.

This is just a few causes of truck tire malfunctions. When companies that possess a fleet of trucks fail to frequently service those vehicles, they place their truck drivers and other motorists in danger.

While a truck driver may cause a trucking accident, the truck driver’s employer could be held liable through vicarious liability. This legal doctrine allows a plaintiff to hold an employer responsible for injuries caused by an employee that was acting on behalf of the employer when the accident occurred. Under some circumstances, you may even have a case against a tire manufacturer if their negligence causes a tire malfunction.

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