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Traveling by bus is a usually a safe, convenient, and (perhaps) necessary method of travel for many individuals. Whether you live in Montgomery or in a rural or suburban area outside of the city, travel by bus is a part of life for many Alabamians. The main provider of public bus service in Montgomery is Montgomery Transit. The company is routinely referred to by Montgomery locals as “the M.” However, there are also an array of other bus service providers in the area including charter bus companies like Greyhound and Megabus and various school bus companies.  

While most bus trips are uneventful, there is always the risk of a potentially serious accident. At the Morrison Firm, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to holding negligent and careless drivers accountable for the injuries they cause. Whether the at-fault driver was the bus driver or a commuter or other motorist, our lawyers can pursue an injury claim. Furthermore, we can seek out and try to uncover whether the bus company’s maintenance and accident prevention policies were insufficient or ineffective. To schedule a confidential consultation with our legal team at the Morrison Law Firm, please call (334) 625-6128.  

Why Do Bus Accidents Occur in Alabama?  

While every accident scenario is unique, there are often certain elements that are consistent across the bus and other types of vehicle accidents. Some of the factors that are routinely involved in accident situations include: 

  • Tired or fatigued driver Drivers who are tired or fatigued are generally less able to reaction to a situation they may encounter on the roadway. They often suffer from slowed reaction times and impaired decision-making processes. Hours of service rules are intended to prevent fatigued driving by commercial drivers like truckers and bus operators, but these laws do not apply to commuters. 
  • The driver consumed alcohol or drugs – In Alabama and throughout the United States, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle when one is under the influence of alcohol beyond the legal limit or other intoxicating drugs. Even stricter standards apply to commercial drivers like bus operators. Like in fatigued driving, the use of alcohol can dull the senses, impair decision-making, and encourage reckless behavior.  
  • Distracted driver – While distracted driving had always been an issue, the proliferation of cell phones and other handheld devices means that this potential risk is more prevalent than ever. Drivers who do not have their eyes on the road are unable to avoid unexpected actions by other drivers.  
  • Speeding, reckless, or aggressive driver – When a driver increases his or her speed, he or her not only reduces the margin for error but also increases the probability that injuries inflicted in a crash will be serious. This is because increased speeds mean less time to react and greater stopping distances. Furthermore, increased speed also equals an increase in violent forces that will act on the vehicle and its occupants.  
  • Road hazards – Highway crews do their best to keep the highways and roads free from debris, obstacles, and other hazards. However, there is little these crews can do to prevent drivers who fail to secure cargo and allow their goods to fall onto the roadway while driving. These and other hazards are extremely dangerous to all motorists.  

The above captures only some of the ways in which bus accidents can occur. Most accidents will involve a confluence of factors. This means that assessing the causes and legal basis for a bus crash lawsuit are often complex and multifaceted. Our legal team at the Morrison Firm can fight to protect your rights after an accident.  

Can a Lack of Bus Maintenance Cause an Accident? 

Federal standards set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration include an array of requirements for commercial motor vehicles. Requirements are set forth for nearly every part of a bus, truck or another commercial vehicle. Furthermore, standards are also set forth for an array of routine practices that ensure the safe operation of the vehicle. Procedures are set forth for considerations such as when a commercial vehicle experiences an issue, for routine logging of hours of service, and to provide for sufficient maintenance.  

When a vehicle is not sufficiently maintained or other mandates are violated, the risk of a parts or system failure increases significantly. For instance, consider a bus company that does not routinely monitor its vehicle’s tires. Over time, tires will wear unevenly. If not properly addressed, the potential for a blowout or loss of vehicle control is heightened. If the bus is heavily loaded with passengers and their luggage, the risk of a bus accident is even more pronounced.  

Can I Sue to Pay My Medical Bills After a Bus Crash?  

After a bus crash, your foremost focus should be on getting the medical assistance and aid you need to make as full of a recovery as possible. However, over the course of seeking diagnosis, medical treatment, and physical therapy you may begin to wonder where the money will come from to pay for everything.  

If a bus driver, bus company, or another motorist’s negligent or intentional actions caused you to suffer a serious injury, you may be able to recover through their insurance policy. If negotiations are not successful, you may need to seek additional options to recover such as filing a lawsuit to recover your medical costs. In addition, other damages such as lost wages and lost future earning potential may be available. However, the exact damages you can claim is a unique function of your scenario and cannot be determined without a fact-specific inquiry into your matter.  

Let Our Bus Crash Attorneys Handle Your Case in Montgomery 

If you have suffered a serious injury in a bus crash in Alabama, our personal injury attorneys may be able to fight for you. At the Morrison Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to aggressively and strategically pursuing personal injury lawsuits. We will pursue all reasonable legal approaches where there is a foreseeable likelihood of success. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation, please call the Morrison Law Firm in Montgomery, Alabama at (334) 625-6128. 



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