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Injuries of any type are regrettable and can cause a great deal of pain, anxiety, and frustration. Injuries that rob an individual of their ability to perform their work and the things that they love and particularly unfortunate. However, perhaps the most grievous and regrettable form of injury is one that can rob a person of their very sense of self. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and other injuries to the brain can have exactly this type of impact. Following a brain injury, a person may experience an array of consequences up to and including difficulties in performing routine tasks and modified behavior.  

At the Morrison Law Firm, our lawyers understand the severe consequences that a brain injury can bring. We also understand that these difficulties can have real emotional and financial costs. Therefore, we fight aggressively and strategically to recover compensation for people who have suffered brain injuries due to negligence, recklessness, or a defective product. In fact, our founding attorney, Richard Morrison, participated in groundbreaking defective tire litigation and has successfully represented injury victims at trial since 1991.  To schedule a free confidential initial consultation, please call the Morrison Law Firm in Montgomery at 334-523-8323.  

What Types of Brain Injuries Can Occur?  

There are several classes of brain injuries that can result from different types of accidents and mistakes. However, brain injuries typically involve a potentially violent force acting on the skull and neck of an individual. Perhaps the most common type of brain injury is a diffuse axonal injury which is colloquially referred to as a whiplash injury. Whiplash injuries can vary in severity and are a common consequence of car and truck injuries.  In this type of injury scenario, the victim experiences a tearing of connective nerve tissue in the skull. Whiplash is a type of closed-brain traumatic brain injury (TBI).  

In addition to closed-brain TBIs, damage to the brain can also occur when an object penetrates the skull and enters the cranial cavity. Violent acts are often the cause of open-brain TBIs. However, open brain injuries can be caused in any scenario where a projectile or another object is launched with sufficient force to pierce the skull, enter the brain, and cause significant damage. Because the injury is typically localized to one part of the brain, a doctor will generally have a good idea about the type of issues and general prognosis for the victim.  

Finally, acquired brain injuries can be inflicted due to an anoxic event or another scenario that resulted in an acquired brain injury. An anoxic event can include things like oxygen deprivation due to a near drowning, damage due to being exposed to electrical shock or current, or damage caused by a wrongly prescribed pharmaceutical or drug. Any event that causes swelling, bleeding, disease, or loss of oxygen to the brain can cause an acquired brain injury.  

What Consequences Can a Brain Injury Cause?  

A brain injury is one of the most concerning and far-reaching types of injuries. The reason a brain injury can have such a disproportionate impact is because the brain is the control center of the body, its organs, and all of their functions. When the brain suffers an injury or other types of damage, these functions can be impaired or disrupted. Potential consequences of a brain injury can include:  

  • Increased aggression and emotional issues – Individuals who suffer a moderate to severe brain injury can experience changes in their personality. They may express increased aggression in their behavior. In other scenarios, victims of brain injuries may develop an array of emotional disturbances potentially including depression and anxiety.  
  • Difficulty orienting oneself to professional and social situations – People who have suffered a TBI can have trouble adjusting their behavior to comport with changing behavioral standards in various settings.  This type of issue can have social and professional impacts on one’s life. In some instances, these difficulties can lead the individual to self-isolate.  
  • Impaired information processing – A brain injury can also cause an individual to suffer from less efficient information processing abilities. While certain techniques like “chunking” can be used to mitigate this impact, this type of injury can impact most aspects of an individual’s daily life.  
  • Physical difficulties A brain injury can cause a person to have difficulty with their motor skills. Some people may experience disruption to only fine motor skills. Others may experience impacts to their gross motor skills as well. In extreme cases, a brain injury victim may be fully or partially paralyzed.  

The above considers only some of the consequences and difficulties a person who has experienced a brain injury might face. Our legal team is happy to accommodate the difficulties injury victims may have when seeking professional representation. 

What Are My Legal Options After a Brain Injury?  

Following a brain injury, you likely face significant medical bills and potentially the loss of wages due to needing time off from work. Due to the consequences you are experiencing, you may even face a reduced potential for future earnings.  

Our personal injury lawyers at the Morrison Firm can assess and analyze the facts and circumstances that led to your injury. We can develop a legal theory for the case so that a lawsuit can be properly filed and work to gather evidence. Our team can assess whether your action should be filed as a negligence lawsuit, premises liability action, medical malpractice claim, or defective product lawsuit. Our careful guidance can provide an injury victim with an opportunity to be “made whole.”  

Our Montgomery Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you have suffered a serious brain injury due to negligence or recklessness, our legal team at the Morrison Firm may be able to help. Since 1991, our founding attorney Richard Morrison has fought to obtain compensation for Alabamans who have been injured due to no fault of their own. To schedule a free and confidential consultation at the Morrison Law Firm, please call 334-523-8323. 



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