The Dangers of DIY Tire Bead Repair in Alabama

Car tires are one of the essential components in a vehicle. One of the most important parts in a car tire is the tire bead. This vital pneumatic component requires not only proper manufacturing but utmost care when correcting an air leakage in your tire. Montgomery tire defect lawyer Rick Morrison explains more about tire beads, causes of bead damage, and the dangers associated with repairing bead problems on your own.

What Causes Tire Bead Damage?

A tire bead is an inner groove around a car tire that sits on the wheel. Its primary function is to prevent air from escaping, keeping the tire secure and tight against the wheel. However, several factors can damage tire beads. Some of the most common causes of tire bead damage include low air pressure, mechanical failures, and manufacturing defects.

Low Air Pressure

Air pressure is what keeps the bead tight against the rim of the wheels. Any air leaks around the bead – which can be challenging to find – can cause the tire to lose air pressure. However, that is not the only thing that could cause your tire to lose air. Factors like punctures to the tire tread or sidewall can also lead to loss of air pressure. Low air pressure can cause the rim to run over the tire, causing extra damage which could be irreparable. Additionally, driving with low air pressure exert extra weight on the tire, which could cause the tire to explode.

Mechanical Failures

Mounting and demounting a tire can lead to tire bead damage. During this process, your mechanic should be careful not to scratch or cut the tire bead. Additionally, the mechanic has to pay particular attention to the manufacturer-recommended air pressure for your specific set of tires to avoid further complications. Keep in mind that a tire with bead damage could collapse even if the air pressure is adequate.

Manufacturing Defects

To provide safety, tire beads are supposed to be rigid and sturdy enough to work appropriately. Normally, tire beads are made from high-strength steel belts. These belts are then coated in rubber to provide additional rigidity and strength, providing a stronger seal. A manufacturing error can lead to serious damage, such as bead ruptures and detachment.

If the bead detaches or breaks, it could lead to a devastating car accident. In such cases, people can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer because of a defective product. An experienced car accident attorney can help you explore your legal options.

Risks and Dangers of DIY Tire Bead Repair

Repairing tire bead damage on your own, or employing the “DIY” approach, can be extremely dangerous. There are different available products on the market that are intended to repair or seal damaged tire beads. However, these products can be confusing for inexperienced individuals. People may confuse tire bead sealant with other products such as tire vulcanizing chemical. Many manufacturers use the same type of colors and lettering on their products, which can confuse unsuspecting consumers. Using the wrong product on your tires can lead to a tire blowout.

Other people may think using any lubricant can be enough to align the tire bead with the rim adequately. What many people don’t realize is that some oils may cause corrosion, which can dangerously deteriorate the bead. Keep in mind that if the bead detaches or breaks, it can lead to motor vehicle accident, such as a truck accident.

Another dangerous practice of repairing air leakages is using blasts of fire. Some people use this old technique thinking it is safe and will cause little to no damage. Fire blasting requires pouring a flammable agent around the outer side of the wheel, close to where the bead rests. Once the agent has been poured, its lit on fire to create a blast that would seal a current leakage and align the bead with the rim. Using this type of technique is dangerous and can cause severe injuries, even if you are experienced.

A certified mechanic can perform a thorough assessment of the condition of your tires, and tell you whether they are in good shape or not. Attempting to repair damaged tire beads on your own is likely to be both ineffectual and dangerous, especially if you have little experience repairing car tires.

Montgomery, AL Car Accident Lawyer Handling Tire Defect Injury Claims

If you were injured in a car accident due to defective tire beads, you can seek compensation for your losses. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you hold negligent mechanics, manufacturers or other parties accountable for your injuries.

At the Morrison Law Firm, we dedicate our practice to pursuing the justice our clients deserve. We will aggressively and strategically fight for the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation, call the Morrison Law Firm at (334) 625-6128, or contact us online today.



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