Lawyer for Truck Accidents with Motorcycles caused by Tire Blowouts

A tire blowout can cause a truck driver to lose control over their vehicle, which can lead to a severe accident. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are involved in truck tire blowout accidents, sometimes getting injured or even killed in the process.

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What Causes Tire Blowouts?

Many people may not realize just how important it is to keep tires in good condition. Tire blowouts constitute a significant factor in many truck and motorcycle accidents. When a tire explodes, it can cause a driver to lose control over their vehicle, leading to severe consequences such as head injuries, back injuries, and even death. Different things can cause tire blowouts. However, the following causes represent the most common reasons for tire blowouts in trucks and motorcycles.

Tire Is Under-Inflated

Under-inflation is one of the leading causes of tire blowouts. Under-inflation can happen for numerous reasons. For instance, during winter the cold temperatures cause air inside the tire casing to contract, which can cause air loss over time. Damage to the tire bead can also lead to air loss and under inflation. The tire’s bead is the inner part of the casing contacting the inner rim area. If this area of the tire is damaged or broken, it can cause a tire to blow out due to pressure on the internal space of the casing.

Tire Defects

Many tire blowouts happen as a result of defects on the tire. Tire defects usually occur during the designing or manufacturing process. Tire manufacturers have a duty to make sure the products they make are safe to use. If the negligence of a careless tire manufacturer caused your tire to blow out, they would be responsible for any injuries caused by the defective tire.

However, this responsibility can also be extended to trucking companies who are supposed to make sure every tire on their truck is in optimal condition. While trucking companies are not in charge of manufacturing tires, they often buy tires that need check-ups and tune-ups before hitting the road. Our experienced tire defect lawyers can help you determine the best course of action.

Excess Overload

Excess overload or excess weight can play a significant role in truck and motorcycle tire blowout accidents. Every tire is meant to carry a specific amount of weight. Weight overload is responsible for causing excess pressure inside the tire, which can compromise the entire casing.

The pieces of rubber scattered along the road following a tire blowout can cause severe damage to other vehicles, drivers, and unsuspecting bystanders. Our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers can help you file a claim against negligent truck drivers, tire manufacturers, and sellers for the losses you experienced following a tire blowout.

Liability for a Truck Accident with a Bike Caused by a Tire Blowout

Many people may ask themselves who is responsible for their losses after a truck accident caused by a tire blowout. This is especially true for truck accident victims who have never been involved in a crash with one of these massive vehicles.

In truck tire blowout accidents, there may be multiple liable parties. For instance, you may file a lawsuit based on negligence against the careless driver who caused your accident by falling into a pothole while speeding. Furthermore, you may also file a claim against a negligent manufacturer for any defects in the tire’s design and fabrication. The experienced lawyers at the Morrison Law Firm can help you determine the best course of action following a tire blowout accident.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get for My Claim?

Every vehicular accident is different and should be evaluated according to its specific circumstances. In most cases, an accident victim may opt to file a claim against the negligent parties for their losses. If successful, a court may award monetary and non-monetary damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other additional damages.

If the court finds the actions of the defendant were particularly egregious, you may also be awarded punitive damages. These damages are used as a means to punish the defendant’s actions and prevent others from doing the same in the future. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can help you throughout the entire process.

Truck Accidents with Motorcycles Attorney Offering Free Consultations

At the Morrison Law Firm, our team of dedicated lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses. Don’t accept any lowball settlements the at-fault parties may offer. We can help you get the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries. To learn more about your potential claim in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (334) 625-6128.



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