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Being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler or another large commercial vehicle can be a frightening experience. Passenger vehicles are not designed to take the impact from a large truck. As a result, this can lead to trucking accidents where the occupants of a passenger vehicle suffer long-term or even fatal injuries. If you or a family member was seriously injured in an accident with a truck due to a tire malfunction, contact an experienced national trucking accident attorney.

The Morrison Law Firm is devoted to providing our clients with the unique legal representation needed to pursue your injury claim. Tire defect attorney Rick Morrison has decades of legal experience litigating various types of tire malfunction cases, and he is prepared to work with you. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact The Morrison Law Firm at (334) 513-1323, or contact us online.

3 Common Causes of Truck Tire Failure

If a company has a fleet of trucks that are frequently operated to make deliveries across the United States, it is necessary to service those vehicles regularly. However, some companies may not exhibit proper safety procedures when it comes to vehicle maintenance or may hire inexperienced truck drivers that may operate their vehicles in a manner that causes a tire malfunction. The following is a list of common causes of truck tire failure.


Flat-spotting is when the tires on a truck develop flat spots on the tire treads. Tire tread is designed to ensure that tires have traction on the roads despite varying weather conditions. For example, if it is raining profusely, your tire treads will prevent you from hydroplaning due to wet roads. If a truck tire develops a flat spot, a portion of the tire tread will appear flattened.

Truck tires can develop flat spots in a number of ways. For example, if a truck is parked for several days or weeks at a time, the portion of the tires that are touching the ground will develop flat spots. Flat spots can develop even faster if a truck driver parks their vehicle for a lengthy amount of time in freezing temperatures. Other circumstances that can cause flat-spotting include:

  • Making a sudden stop that causes the tires to skid
  • Having an excessive or uneven amount of weight on the truck tires
  • Locking the vehicle brakes

If a company attempts to unsuccessfully repair a flat spot on a truck tire instead of simply replacing the tire, they can be held liable for their actions if this causes an accident.

Overuse of Tires

Like most consumer goods, tires have a recommended service life to avoid a driver using the tires for too long. As truck drivers will use their vehicles to travel hundreds of miles in the span of a week, truck tires will wear from use much quicker than normal.

As tires begin to age and wear down from use, the rubber will begin to lose its elasticity, and even the steel casing may begin to rust. Most tires have a service life of about six to ten years, which may be decreased when accounting for miles traveled using a set of tires. Once a tire is worn down, it becomes more prone to sustaining a blowout or tire tread separation. Both of these scenarios can cause a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle, causing a dangerous accident for other motorists in the near vicinity.

Tire Defect

Some tire manufacturers have not mastered the process of melding rubber to a steel casing. As a result, the manufacturer can distribute tires that contain serious defects. For example, if a rubber tire if not properly fastened to a steel belt, it can result in the tire tread separating while the vehicle is in motion. Under other circumstances, a manufacturer could meld foreign objects into a tire or the tire sidewall that will cause it to malfunction unexpectedly.

If a tire manufacturer is responsible for a truck tire malfunction that led to a serious trucking accident, they could be held liable for your injuries. While tire manufacturers will likely recall tires that they discover are defective, a recall may only occur after the tires caused a car crash.

The Morrison Law Firm is here to help you pursue a personal injury case against a tire manufacturer or trucking company that caused a trucking accident. If a truck crash led to the death of one of your family members, we will stand with you if you decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

National Truck Tire Malfunction Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

If you were the victim of a trucking accident, contact an experienced national truck tire malfunction accident lawyer. The Morrison Law Firm recognizes the hardships that can result from a serious trucking accident and we are here for you. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact The Morrison Law Firm at (334) 513-1323.



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